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We research and disseminate news that has a direct impact on both the political and social spheres of society. We want to achieve public debate and the common good of the nation. We manage the essence of independent news on the Internet.

Informed Citizens

Informed Citizens - A Fundamental Principle of Civil Society and American Democracy

Public Speech

Public affairs speech is more than self-expression

Our Reports

Our reports highlight the positive role of a democratically elected government

Social Well-Being

Primary role in ensuring the common good and social well-being

Independent Media

We work to improve the stability of independent media by working with online journalists and blogs

Informing Support

Supporting the ability to inform public debate through journalism

The most important areas we are dealing with right now

New Journalism Training Program

Providing education and mentoring to bloggers and online journalists across state to state, this code is geared towards building a solid skeleton of people that can methodically lend about issues that are great to their communities, about following the longest stereotypes of high-profile journalism.

Editorial code for new journalists

Editorial code for new journalists. The editorial code for new journalists, researched to extend from where the learning code ends, provides online professional journalists with direct assistance in delivering extraordinary reporting. Most of them are graduates of the training program.

The North American Independent New Organisation was founded on May 1, 2006, as the Independent Media Center as a non-commercial organization.

Roberto Alvarez, co-founder

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