Do you know what to use to clean your kitchen or bathroom counters? How about the floor in your living room? The best surface cleaner formulas work well and don’t use harsh chemicals. The best ones remove dirt, grime, and sticky residue without damaging the surface. They are also safe for everyday use without worrying about hurting yourself or your family members while cleaning. If you want to know more about surface cleaning formulas, Read this article at Floorcleaningtools. In addition, there are some of the best surface cleaning formulas shared here in detail.

  • Pine-sol

It’s a typical household cleaner that contains pine oil, pine needle, and solvent. Pine-sol is an effective cleaner and deodorizer for bathroom tiles and floors. However, Pine-Sol can be a little harsh on wood surfaces, so it should only be used on plastic or non-wooden surfaces. The formula of pine-sol is made by some ingredients such as pine oil, isopropyl alcohol, and cleaning agents.

It is sold in liquid form but has a pine scent that leaves the place smelling nice. The pine-sol cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner, removing the dirt on your floor, tables, counters, and walls. This formula leaves all surfaces shiny and clean without a greasy residue behind. The ingredients used in this product have been tested to be non-toxic and safe for all surfaces, including wood, vinyl, tile, and stone.

  • Fabuloso

This is a popular surface cleaner in Mexico and Latin America made from natural ingredients like coconut, palm, and corn oil. It’s also a powerful stain remover and deodorizer. Fabuloso is not recommended for wood surfaces. This cleaner is like a multipurpose product that cleans just about any surface.

The ingredients are all-natural, and the formula is entirely safe. It removes dirt and grime on your flooring, countertops, sinks, and other areas in your home. You can also use it to clean your bathroom or kitchen counters. It comes with a smell that is not overwhelming but pleasant at the same time.

  • Lemon Juice

A mixture of lemon juice with baking soda is also great for scrubbing away tough dirt. It is one of the most well-known formulas for cleaning tiles and other surfaces without any issue. This natural cleaner works for just about any surface in your home.

This can also be used on your laundry. It is made from lemons, and you can mix it with water or vinegar to use. The great thing about this furniture cleaner is that it does not have a strong odor and does not leave streaks behind.

  • Lysol 

Lysol products contain pine oil, pine needle, and solvent that effectively clean bathroom tiles and floors. It can also be used on kitchen cupboards with excellent results. This product is a strong cleaner with lots of cleaning power. It comes in various scents and is one of the best products for hard surfaces. The Lysol floor cleaner works well and keeps your home looking shiny and clean.

These are one of the best surface cleaning formulas that you can use to clean your bathroom tiles and other surfaces.